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Most commercial awnings are made from synthetic fabrics (Canvas, Vinyl, Polycarb, etc.) that are of the best quality so they last a long time.  

Life expectancy will wear down faster if you don’t take proper maintenance and care is neglected.   A regularly schedule cleaning is the first step.   

We offer off-peak awning cleaning or when your business is closed so your customers are not affected and your business does not suffer.   

We safely remove most mold, bird droppings, dirt, tar, rust, and paint.  Superior Facility Service Group can make your canopies look attractive and inviting.  

Our environmentally green products are specially formulated to renew and extend the life of your fabrics, while our hand washing technique ensures they are handled with the utmost care.  

Our cleaning process includes a pre-cleaning inspection of hardware and fabric for any damage or repair needs. Any such issues are noted on the work order and photo-documented. The specific cleaning process will be determined by the material of the awning structure, and may include methods such as hand cleaning and power washing with suitable detergents.

We put the COLOR back into your Awnings!