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Building Assessments & Surveys

Building assessments are one of the widest areas of surveying practiced.  It involves all aspects of the property, and can assist clients with their yearly Preventive Maintenance budgeting.

By taking your needs into account, we will work with you to create the survey outline that best meets your requirements.

Some examples of these are:

  • Full Building Maintenance Survey

  • Roof and Gutter

  • Bird and Pest Infestation

  • Power Washing

  • Painting Needs

  • Lighting Needs

  • Janitorial Needs

  • Client Specific Needs

With strong technical skills, our surveyors have excellent people skills and the highest levels of integrity and are clearly different from the rest because of our technical knowledge and professional standards.

Building surveying covers a broad spectrum of work; it is an interesting and valued area of expertise that is constantly evolving to reflect what is happening in property and construction