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Drywall can be damaged by impacts, moisture, and foundation settlement.

Harsh collisions will cause “perforation gashes” in drywall, as the paper surface tears and the gypsum core crumbles and cracks.  Building settling or shifting or other structural problems can lead to cracking especially around window and door openings.  If framing flexes with impact or building settling it can even become dislodged from the framing that holds it in place.

Another enemy of drywall is moisture!  The standard drywall panels will absorb moisture into the paper that is facing of in direct contact with it.  At this point, the wet paper becomes and prime habitat for mold.  Spreading mold creates stains on the paper surface that seep through the paint as the gypsum core begins to swell and deteriorate, not only destroying the wallboard but also creating a health hazard to building occupants that are likely to inhale the airborne mold spores and cross-contamination of areas unaffected.

Extensive drywall damage is best handled by calling a contractor with expertise in drywall repair, especially when the damage may be due to other problems, like excess moistness or foundation settlement.  Superior Facility Service Group, Inc. delivers professional drywall repair and replacement, restoring the beauty, functionality, and safety of your building.

Regardless if you are repairing damaged drywall, or completing a remodel in a particular room, Superior Facility Service Group, Inc. can support this transformation making it happen with professional drywall texturing and painting.