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Dust accumulation in hard-to-reach and hidden places can cause poor air circulation and health concerns for your employees and customers, as well as fire safety hazards.  Large amounts of dust and cobwebs can also accumulate and fall onto your products, customers and sales floor, tarnishing the brand image you have tirelessly worked to build.

What’s the Difference between High Dusting and Standard Janitorial Service?

Typically, high dusting exceeds the capabilities of standard housekeeping crews.  We have hand-picked and trained our technicians to utilize the equipment necessary to reach those high and hidden areas. 

We use environmentally friendly products, drop cloths, HEPA filters in all of our vacuums, as well as any equipment necessary to access those hard to reach areas (aerial equipment and/or scaffolding, as needed).

Our crews are specially trained, and available for service, at the convenience of your business, even if that means being locked inside the building all night, once your business closes for the day!

A high dusting project is not a “one size fits all” type of job.  At Superior, we will work to tailor the scope of work on the project to meet your specific needs.

Common Areas Included

Ultimately, the size and scope of work for a high bay cleaning in your location rests on the areas necessary for cleaning in your store. Some of the most common areas included, or added on, to a high dusting service are:

  • Sales Floor / Indoor Retail Area

  • Front End / Registers

  • Warehouse

  • Riser Room

  • Office Package

  • Outdoor Sales Area(s)

  • Exterior Canopy Structures

  • Air Diffuser Cleaning

In addition to these common areas, additional services may be added on to a high dusting service. Our clients find the greatest benefit to this option is the ability to reduce mobilization costs by packaging multiple projects. This is especially convenient for other services which also require overnight work.