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Mold Remediation, mold removal and mold clean up can be a very inconvenient and costly procedure. You will want a certified Mold remediation Company to handle this type of work. 

As your, certified mold remediation company we will perform SUPERIOR quality work for an affordable price.   We can help you prevent water damage mold which is usually from not resolving and taking care of water damage properly.   Some people get confused and call mold mildew, please let the professionals assist you. 

The most common dangerous mold is black mold and you may find it on drywall, carpet, ceiling, and other surfaces.   Common places to find mold would be: basement, attic, bathroom, and walls. We can help in getting rid of mold in all these places.   We can call a hygienist in for mold testing, to let you know what types and levels you have in your home or business. 

Mold growth cannot be prevented or treated with bleach or vinegar at all.  Our special techniques for cleaning and removing mold from your property does not mean we will “Kill It”, we will “Remove It”.    

  • Visual evaluation by a certified professional

  • Contact certified hygienist for air quality testing – 3 test minimum; air, swab and outside

  • Now we have a normal fungal ecology to know what level should be reached when complete

  • Use plastic to contain contaminated area(s)

  • Set dehumidifier if the area is still wet

  • Place a negative air machine or air scrubber in the work area(s)

  • Remove mold where needed using a sander and HEPA vac if needed

  • Clean entire area with a damp cloth treating it with an anti-microbial

  • Contact hygenist with re-evaluation testing. If passed remove plastic containment and proceed with the repair

If you have mold problems, contact Superior Facility Service Group today for your mold control. We can give you a visual mold inspection and let you know what will need to take place next for your mold repair and remediation.