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From touch-up painting on an interior wall to rejuvenating the look on the exterior of your building, Superior has got you covered!

Over time, the colors of the paint on your walls begin to fade.  To brighten up the interior of your facility, sometimes all it takes is a new coat of fresh paint!  We begin by protecting your facility, equipment, and inventory.  Then we prepare the walls by properly cleaning them and making any minor repairs necessary, prior to priming and painting with high-quality, durable paint, hand selected for your project.  Once the job has been completed, a thorough cleanup is performed; the fresh paint on your walls will be the only evidence that we were even there!

The weather and climate can prove to have catastrophic effects on the exterior of your building, so it is crucial to protect your facility from these elements.  Before the paint is ever applied, thorough preparation of the surface and surrounding area is performed, which can include power washing, caulking cracks, cleaning of flaking paint and rust, patching holes, protecting adjacent areas, landscaping, and fixtures, and/or even replacing/repairing damaged surfaces.  The paint used will be custom selected for your project, and finished off with a clear coating anti-graffiti system best suited for your specific needs, if needed.

Our highly trained crew members are available for you on your time schedule, including performing the work overnight, on weekends, and/or holidays, so there is as minimal of a disruption to your business as possible.