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Power Washing & Graffiti Removal

From the sidewalks to the building structure and awnings/signage, cleanliness has a dramatic impact on your customers’ impression of your brand image. Whether it be a one-time cleaning for graffiti removal or a recurring power washing program, our teams will keep your facilities looking their best!

Sidewalks / Parking Lots / Drive Thru’s

The appearance of your sidewalks has a direct effect on the way your customers view your business.  The abuse from the constant traffic of pedestrians and bicycles/skateboards, along with the accumulation of chewing gum and spills of beverages, can significantly deteriorate the appearance of your sidewalks, as well as cause irreparable damage to the surface.

With routine power washing services, we can keep these surfaces looking fresh, and up to your brand image. If your sidewalks have already succumbed to harsh disrepair, there are also many aggressive options and methods we can utilize to rejuvenate your image.

Buildings/Awnings and Signage

Weathering and time can deteriorate the appearance of your building, awnings, and other signage.  With routine maintenance, Superior can not only clean up the current appearance but also employ commercial grade sealers and treatments to help protect those surfaces and materials from future damage.

Graffiti Removal/ Cleanup:

Graffiti is a blight that scars our community and directly impacts visitors and your business. Since our inception we have worked passionately toward removing graffiti and restoring your property. 

The effect of graffiti goes way beyond ever-increasing allotments for graffiti removal.  Unfortunately it is a situation that leaves your business looking damaged and unsafe.  It is imperative to remove graffiti as quickly as possible to eliminate the following assumptions made by your customers:

  •  A fear of crime in the area, resulting in less foot traffic

  •  Increases taxes to fund cleanup programs by towns, municipalities and building owners who spend thousands to keep their property free of graffiti.

  •  Graffiti encourages more taggers and the problem quickly escalates.


Together, by utilizing the following tools, we can send a clear message that graffiti will not be tolerated: 4/4

Power Washing:

Hot water power washing can be used to remove graffiti from walls, sidewalks or buildings. This method is less abrasive to the building and environment and may be used in combination with environmentally friendly products.

Graffiti Removal Products:

The products that we use are designed to remove all types of graffiti without damage to the substrate or the environment.  Whether it is bare brick, metal, plastic, paint or glazed surface, we have a safe product to use.

On-Site Color Matching:

We will do an on-site color match to the existing paint color and when possible paint corner to corner so that there are no ugly “checkerboard” squares on your building. Paint is the most common way to eradicate graffiti.