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Property Preservation & Clean-Out

Do you have a problem with break-ins at your vacant properties? Are you experiencing huge losses due to theft of fixtures, copper pipes and anything else of value? Superior Facility Service Group can help your property preservation efforts by installing lock-boxes for your contractors and/or vendors, providing repairs and clean-ups.

If you need preservation and maintenance for dark spaces and/or foreclosure clean-out services, contact us today for a free/no obligation quote for the following services:

Property preservation and Dark-Space clean-outs:

  • Security and maintenance

  • Clean-up

  • Product removal

  • Specialty transitions

  • Board Ups

  • Shipping of goods

  • Debris Removal


  • Sales Floors

  • Stock Rooms / Warehouse

  • Restroom

  • Temperature Control



Regularly Scheduled Inspections: 

  • HVAC System Settings and Working

  • Doors and Windows Secure

  • Alarm System Engaged

  • Fire Supression System Activated

  • Trim Work

  • Floor Repairs

  • Restroom Fixture Repair/Replacements

  • Landscaping not overgrown

  • Parking lot clean

  • No Graffiti 

  • No Water Leaks or damages