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Restroom Steam Cleaning

Some commercial restrooms get so dirty and are so hard to maintain, it might seem like an impossible task, or nothing can get them truly clean! The good news is Superior Facility Service Group, can steam clean your restrooms from top to bottom in a fast effective way! 

Cleaning ordinary, residential restrooms can often be tough enough, but when it comes to your commercial restrooms they need to be kept clean and hygienic at all times- from tiles and grout to toilets, stalls, and sinks, all these areas need frequent cleaning to ensure that bacteria and germs don’t settle and spread. Unfortunately, many restroom-cleaning methods can be painful, in more ways than one. The conventional bucket and brush method often calls for backbreaking scrubbing and scraping. This is not only time-consuming; it also doesn’t always get the surfaces completely clean. 

Some companies opt for harsh chemical cleaning products to clean restrooms. These are thought to not only clean better, but many of them also have sanitizing properties too. The truth is these cleaning agents don’t always work well and they often leave behind noxious fumes or traces after cleaning. 

By using very high temperatures steaming cleaning is an effective cleaning option that not only cleans it disinfects as you clean.  The steam cleaner does not rely on chemical cleaning agents, commercial machines don’t rely on them either thus offering effective commercial bathroom cleaning using nothing more than superheated water. 

Superior Facility Service Group offers full restroom cleaning for every surface in your restroom we clean: 

  • HVAC diffusers and return air grills; 

  • Walls, Stalls, and Partitions 

  • Toilets and Urinals

  • Sinks and Cabinetry 

  • Baby Changing Stations

  • Floors and grout

Superior Facility Service Group can handle commercial bathroom cleaning in a way that is eco-friendly, fast, and effective. Without the worry of dealing with noxious fumes while cleaning and after!