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I am writing to recommend Facility as the first choice vendor in bird netting installation and prevention for utilities or businesses,  Our utility had an invasive issue with birds (Pigeons and Starlings) at four of our offices.  The issue was so severe that it became a severe nusiance to our employees.  

A local general contractor recommended Superior Facility Service Group to our company and i contacted them for pricing.  We were given several different options but we wanted all of the birds gone and opted for the installation of the bird netting at each office complex.  Our truck bays measure three to five thousand square feet each.   

Superior Facility Service Group scheduled their work weeks in advance, showed up on the designated date and completed the work in a timely manner.  The work itself was not rushed but done with quality and long term results in mind.  Our company’s bird problem has been resolved.  

Again we believe Superior Facility Service Group should be your first choice if you or your company experiences a problem with birds  

Matt Hayes-Manager

North Georgia EMC