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Clean windows on storefronts and customer-facing areas are a sometimes forgotten, but critical piece of visual real estate, making a lasting impression on employees and customers. 

The type and frequency of window cleaning appropriate for your building will depend on your individual needs. 

Factors to consider:

  • Location – Is your facility near the ocean, resulting in buildup due to the salt in the air? In a sandy or dusty area, causing windows to accumulate dirt quickly?

  • Client Activity – Does your business frequently experience customers touching the glass on the inside or outside of your storefront?

  • Quantity and Height – Does your building have several windows at a higher elevation, requiring less frequent cleaning? Is the majority of your storefront window-space, requiring constant up-keep and cleaning to maintain brand image?

  • Complexity and Variety – Are some of your windows difficult to access, and require lift equipment or scaffolding? Are there certain windows that need frequent cleanings, and others requiring maintenance at longer intervals?

Whether your facilities require relatively sporadic or frequent window cleanings (or a combination of both), our team will create a customized program to fit your specific needs. We will meet with a member of your management staff to review their specific concerns.


Following the site visit, we will present a proposal and cleaning schedule for your review and feedback.